The Iceland Adventure 2001

Day 5: Monday October 7, 2001

Weather: Sunny, Temperature 14c

    The group got up early and had breakfast and were in the main lobby by 8:30 am to climb aboard our private bus.

    This guided tour excursion captured the essence of Iceland. We visited the town of Selfoss. We enjoyed a stop at a geothermal-heated greenhouse in Eden where everything from roses to bananas grows year-round. Video Clip: Please allow 2 minutes for loading.

Plug-in Required: See Home Page!     Our next stop was Gullfoss, where we experienced the majestic waterfalls in all its glory. The group enjoyed this stop as it provided some of the most beautiful pictures of the trip. The students even had the opportunity to see the Langjokull glacier that was about 10 kilometers to the north of Gullfoss.

    After the stop at Gullfoss, the group stopped for lunch at Geysir. This geyser field offered a wonderful opportunity to see an active geyser. Some students ate at the dinner while others enjoyed geothermal heated soup and ravioli. 

    Our final stop before heading back to the hotel was Thingvellir. Like the first Vikings setters who traveled once a year from all over Iceland to the plains of Thingvellir, the group visited this historic landmark where laws were discussed and future courses of the country were chartered. Now a national park, this is the site where tectonic plates divide the continents of North America and Eurasian. For more information on the geology of this area, go to the Geology page.

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