The Iceland Adventure 2001

Day 1: Thursday October 4, 2001

    Departure from Halifax International Airport at 10:50 pm. Travel via Icelandair. (4.5 hours)

Day 2: Friday October 5, 2001

Weather: Sunny Morning, Cloudy Afternoon, Temperature -2c to 6c.

    Arrive at Keflavik, Iceland early morning 6 am. Students proceeded through customs without any problems and exchanged Canadian money for Icelandic Krona. The group proceeded to the front entrance of airport for transportation to a bus terminal in Reykjavik. The group was very tired and many slept at the terminal for the two-hour wait until the bus drove us to the ferry terminal in Thorlakshofn for our ferry ride to the Westman Islands.

    Some of us could not sleep in the bus terminal and we ventured into Reykjavik for an early morning walk. It was cool (-2 Celsius) but sunny. The students walked around for about 2 hours visiting the harbor and a local church before walking back to the bus terminal. We left the bus terminal at 11 am and arrived at Thorlakshofn 45 minutes later. The ferry ride to the Westman Islands took 2:45 minutes.

    We were greeted at the ferry terminal by Icelandic friends whom Mr. Wohlmuth had meet during his first Iceland experience in 1998. There was a car, with a trailer attached, that carried our entire luggage to the hotel where we were staying.

    The entire group was tired and we rested for the adventurous next day.

Picture: Top Left, Taken from Ferry overlooking Heimaey Harbor.

Picture: Bottom Right, Taken from Ferry overlooking Heimaey and the Helgafell volcano in the horizon. 

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