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    On behalf of the students and staff of Central Kings Rural High School, Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada, we would like to welcome you to the Iceland Adventure Website.

    We hope the information within this site may help you understand and appreciate the many wonders of the land of fire and ice.

    This Web Site is primarily dedicated to the Geography and Geology of Iceland. The site includes many interesting facts, pictures, charts, diagrams, exercises and even video clips.

    Most of the information for this web site was gathered by staff and students from Central Kings Rural High and Horton District High schools on a field trip opportunity to Iceland in October 2001.

    I hope you enjoy this site and if you have any questions or comments, please forward your question or comment using the response page.

    We hope you enjoy this site and hopefully learn something from this experience.  To look through the web site, use the table of contents in the left margin.

    The Web Site will be updated regularly, so check back in the future.

    Special Thanks to the staff and students of Central Kings Rural High and Horton District High School for their participation in the Web Site.

Mr. Wohlmuth,  Central Kings Rural High

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